The Mysterious Murder of Sister Catherine Cesnick

January 3, 1970

It was a cold and gray Saturday morning in Baltimore County, Maryland when two hunters stumbled upon the decomposing body of a young woman in a field.

The police arrived on the scene and immediately notified Detective Captain Louis George "Bud" Roemer - who rushed to the scene. Could this be the missing nun? As he approached the body, a purse and a single shoe were seen a few feet away. As he searched the purse, he found a pill bottle with the victim's name on it. It was indeed Sister Catherine Ann Cesnick - who had gone missing from her Carriage House Apartment on November 7, 1969.

Be Aware: This is still an active murder investigation, with many twists that involve the Archdiocese of Baltimore. This includes allegations of sexual abuse of students that had attended the Archbishop Kenough High School - and the possible link to another murdered woman. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

 Who was Sister Catherine Anne Cesnik?

Catherine was born in the small town of Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, located across the river from Pittsburgh. She was the daughter of a postal worker father and a mother who was a homemaker. The Cesniks were devout Roman Catholics.  Catherine and her sisters attended Catholic schools, but it was not until Catherine entered into High School that she became sure of her vocation.  

In 1960 Catherine entered the Convent School ofSisters of Notre Dame, a teaching order in Baltimore, as a candidate for sisterhood. In 1965 she began teaching at the new all-girls school, Archbishop Kenough High School. On July 21, 1967, she took her vows and took the name of Sister Joanita.

In the Spring of 1969, students started noticing some changes within their favorite teacher. At this time, Vatican II was making monumental changes within the Catholic Church. Sister Catherine applied for and was granted an "exclauisation" - This is where a nun could live outside the Convent and wear modest "civilian" clothing instead of the traditional Habit.

Catherine moved into a two bedroom apartment with another exclauisng nun, Sister Helen Russell Phillips. The apartment was in the Carriage House Apartment complex on North Bend Road in Baltimore. She began teaching at Western High.

 What happened to Sister Catherine?

On Friday, November 7th, Sister Catherine left her apartment to pick up some dinner rolls and cash a check at theEdmonton Village Shopping Center. When she wasn't home by 11 pm her roommate, Sister Helen, called two priests: Father Gerald J. "Gerry" Koob and Father Peter McKeon who lived in Manresa, Maryland. They arrived at the apartment around 1 a.m. Saturday morning - that is when then they called the police.

 After several hours of questioning, the three of them decided to go for a walk at four in the morning to "clear" their minds. This is when they discovered Sister Catherine's 1969 Green Ford Maverick parked in an "odd" manner in the parking lot near her apartment. The vehicle showed no signs of a struggle.

 After Sister Catherine's body was discovered, suspicion turned to Father Koob. Detectives thought it was strange that Sister Helen called these two particular Priests and not the police.

Father Koob insisted that his relationship with Sister Catherine was strictly platonic, but Detective Captain Roemer wasn't buying it. He paid Father Koob a visit at the Priest's quarter and discovered a letter that was written to the Priest by Sister Catherine.

 “My very dearest Gerry, 

‘If Ever I Should Leave You’ is playing on the radio. I’m all curled up in bed. My ‘pride’ has finally arrived, ten days later… So you might say I’m moody… My heart aches so for you. I must wait for you – your time and you need – even more than I had before… I think I can begin to live with that more easily now than I did two months ago, just loving you… within myself…” 

Sister Catherine, the author of the letter, went on to write: “I must tell you, I want you within me. I want to have your children.”

Father Koob had an alibi the night Sister Catherine went missing: He was with Father McKeon. They had dinner and saw the movie "Easy Rider.'  This was confirmed and he also passed two polygraph tests.

Even with this information, the police wasn't finished with the priest.  Unfortunately, pressure from outside the police department ended the investigation into the Priest. The case went cold. Until almost twenty-five years later when two women, who were students at the High School, claimed that they were sexually abused by Father Anthony Joseph Maskell in the late 60's early 70's.

 Dozens of men and women claimed to and testified to have had first-hand knowledge of the sexual abuse that happened at the Archbishop Kenough High School.

 An anonymous witness testified with information that hadn't been released to the public.  To protect her identity, she was referred to as "Jane Doe" - but her real name is Jean Wehner.  She stated that in late November 1969, Father Maskell took her to the Lansdowne Dump and showed her the body of Sister Catherine. She was told, "that she had better keep her mouth shut or she would end up the same way."

 Sister Mary, from the Sisters of Notre Dame, testified that she knew of several kids that claimed about the abuse by Father Maskell and that they had confided in Sister Catherine. So it is clear that Sister Catherine was aware of the abuse in the months leading up to her death.  

 The lawsuits against the Archdiocese did not hold up in court.  The courts ruled that regressed memories were not viable evidence. The Archdiocese, on the other hand, believed the allegations and removed Father Maskell from "active" duty and reassigned him to clerical duties at the St. Augustine Parish in Elkridge, Maryland, where he died of a massive stroke on May 7, 2001, at the age of 62.

 Father Maskell was never charged with the murder of Sister Catherine. He had a close relationship with the Police Department and often rode with the officers. Many of the officers couldn’t and wouldn't believe that he would have done such horrible things. He Baptized their children and even their grandchildren.  

 One witness claimed that Father Maskell forced her to perform sexual acts with a police officer. 

 Who was the second murder victim and could the two cases be related?

 Around 7 pm on November 13, 1969, 20-year-old Joyce Malenki, a secretary for a liquor distributor in Baltimore, disappeared from the parking lot of E. J. Corvettes department store, located in Glen Burnie, Maryland. She was discovered the following morning in the Little Patuxent River, at the military base, with her hands tied behind her back and multiple stab wounds to the throat. Joyce had been strangled to death.

 Her family attended St. Clement Church in Lansdowne. Joyce participated in many retreats with area Priests during her high school years. Father Maskell was assigned to St. Clement from 1966 to 1968. In 1969, Father Maskell was also working at Our Lady of Victory, which was about three miles from St. Clement, which was less than a mile from where a Sister Catherine's body was found.  He continued to reside at St Clement while he was at the Archbishop Kenough High School from 1970 to 1975.  

 We may never know what really happened to Sister Catherine. There are some that wholeheartedly believes that Father Maskell either murdered her or helped with her murder. Was she murdered because she was about to blow the whistle on the sexual abuse that was happening at the school? Was Joyce Malenki one of Father Maskell's victims that were about to talk? Are the two cases related?

Find out more during the Part Two Case Log on the Mysterious Murder of Sister Catherine Cesnick

-Written by Michele Smith

The Mysterious Death of Jim Morrison

The Mysterious Death of Jim Morrison

When a celebrity dies under mysterious circumstances, or their followers believe there is more to the story than what is being told, conspiracy is thrown around.  Did they really die, did they fake their deaths, were they murdred, etc.?   One of those celebrities who's death has been shrouded in darkness  for decades is that of, The Doors frontman, Jim Morrison.

{Archived} Part 2: Cold Murder Case of Beverly Jarosz

Beverly Jarosz was slain in her Garfield Heights, Ohio home on December 28th, 1964. An unknown person made the decision to end this 16 year old's life by strangling her with a rope, and viciously stabbing her 42 times. On this Part 2 episode we will be speaking with an expert and discussing who we feel may have murdered Beverly, followed by a VERY special announcement. 

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The Medium

     Immediately following the release of our Podcast Episode on the Cold Murder of Beverly Jarosz, I started utilizing social media to share the case. Across several groups and forums I posted links for thousands of people to read and hear about the life of this beautiful girl whose life was ended too soon by the hands of another. If you haven't first listened or read about our first episode on Beverly (now Part 1) - I highly recommend you take a moment to go back to catch up so the details we speak about will make more sense on this episode. 

     In the mist of my frenzy to share this case on Facebook, a kind lady messaged me explaining her ability to "See and hear from those who have passed on." The sceptic in me continued with caution, first contacting Carol (Beverly's sister who we worked on the case with) to receive her input and thoughts about a medium - actually I think I referred to her as a 'Medium-Psychic thing'. I had zero experience with mediums prior to this contact, so to say I was a skeptic would be slightly an understatement. In fact my first impression was that this lady must have an alternative motive; albeit one that I could not find hiding in plain sight. Why would she lie? What would she have to gain? I had many questions for her, and I knew a quick google search would not suffice. 

     After a few minutes I received a response from Carol - explaining that after more than 50 years, she is willing to listen to anyone who may be offering honest help. "What could it hurt?" She was right, as Carol normally is; if this lady tells me what she wants to say and nothing of it is accurate or helpful, what would we lose? The more I thought about this medium, the more I came to the conclusion that after more than 50 years - traditional thinking hasn't been able to solve the case yet, so what could thinking outside the box hurt?

     So, I quickly reached back out to the Medium and explained I am willing to listen. She explained that she saw one of young girl's photos I shared on Facebook, and that although she isn't sure who the girl is, or why I was making a post about her, she started getting visions and felt she needed to share them with me. When I asked her if she listened to the Podcast episode, I surprisingly received a response asking me what a 'Podcast' was. I asked her again to confirm that she hadn't clicked on the link to Beverly's case log - and she explained that she did not want anything to hurt, change, or lead her visions so she did not click on the link. Admittedly, I felt cautious and immediately checked my website's data collection of readers/clickers to verify if she was being honest. I thought I would catch her in a lie in the very beginning, proving that she was a fraud.. However, there had been no visitors to my website from anyone in the city in California where this medium lived. She was telling the truth. 

The Vision

     “I am being shown a very very violent passing. Shown strangulation and a lot of violence, but I cannot see what more happened to her because my guide is protecting me from seeing it. But I see the severity of violence, and the man that did this had no other intention than to kill her. She put up as much as a fight as she could, however her soul was not in her body for the most of it, as she was taken by Angels so she wouldn’t have to suffer. I see a young man, possibly in very early 20s... brown hair... did not look like the sort at all, in fact no one would have thought him to be the kind. The name Tom or Tommy comes in, in relation somehow either to her, family, or in relation to the killer. I’m not sure what significance the name has. He enjoyed stalking her, they had met a time or two before, but she was not interested in him. Which is odd, because I see him as a clean cut good looking guy, she says she just felt something off/odd about him. He first met her in a store or public place, that is how he first became interested in her. She caught his eye, she fit what he was looking for.

     She was a very free child like spirit, she knew she would not live a very long life. The people in her life were very important to her. She did have a good amount of friends, but one that she felt close has been hurting for many years. She says her friend would have never hurt her, she sends her love to her friend. She says she could have been hurt too, but angels intervened to prevent more evil. I see Beverly surrounded by light. Healed. And beautiful. I am being told the month of August is important. She wants her family to know she loves and misses them. I am being shown her laughing, acting goofy with her best friend, it’s a big laugh, I am seeing them looking at magazines together. I am being shown her eating a piece of pie as well, not sure why, looks to be pumpkin pie. The name chris now comes to me, not sure why. I am seeing this man in trouble, possibly behind bars at some point in his life for getting caught doing something wrong. I am being shown Christmas. The word Jamboree. The number 99 comes into sight. The numbers are very big. She tells me her family was everything to her, she sees how hard this has been on them. It has been hard for her to see how hard it has been on them.

     The man that did this has a hate for women. He enjoyed the stalking. There have been others. He is a serial offender, a sociopath. I see him as hiding in her bedroom closet. I see curtains flying in a window. The man is sort of handsome, but has very dark eyes.. like the kind you would get chills from. He did not think twice about killing her, no regret. He could try to put on a charm, but his mind is crazy. I see her having a child-like innocence about her. A true beauty in every sense of the word. She never seemed to meet a stranger. Was trusting of people. She had spoken to this man before, but I do not see them as ever being friends. I feel he intended to rape her, but she fought harder than he anticipated. I am confused as to why they weren’t able to pull DNA from her finger nails, because she keeps showing me her fingernails. Her friend, was protected by angels. Guarded. Prevented. She was not intended to be his victim so she was protected. She would have been killed. This is why I am seeing the open window with curtains flowing, it is symbolic of her friend being protected. Again, I am feeling him hid in a closet in the room she was killed in. I am feeling him as a stalker. “But something was taken and kept. I am still being showed her fingernails. He had scratches. I see him in dark clothing. Wearing leather gloves, worn because he was planning to use the rope. I see him working on cars. Either in a shop or as a hobby. 

     One thing that people left behind need to understand, and these are her words, is that the ideas come to people for a reason.  People are put in your path for another. She loves her story being told because she feels it helping with healing. She had always wanted her poetry to be shared, that is why she wrote it..

     She is saying her story needed to be told, and there are countless others. She is happy with the work being done. She wants you to know that your lives have been aligned for a purpose. You share a similar heart. You feel similarly.  If she was still alive, she would have her poetry published. She wants people to read it, it demonstrates who she truly was. She wants to share her gifts that she brought to earth with her, in the form of words.

     He did not like being turned down. He stalked her first before trying to talk to her. She then turned him down, which made him mad. If the case is solved, it will be less meaningful to Beverly than it will for the ones she left behind. It will help them the most.

     You have a gift Shane. You can connect to people in a way that is special. These people you are helping, their loved ones that have passed on, they are thankful for you and your gift being used for this purpose.

     As I close my eyes, I ask to be shown more about Beverly’s Murder. I am asking to see the face of the man that did this. I am being shown the end of her struggle, I am seeing it as if I am there. He has turned and is looking at me, there are those dark eyes… his hair has fallen in his face and I very clearly see him wearing glasses... I am seeing these dark, careless, angered eyes. I am being shown the evil that he contains, more fragments of the story are coming in, and the last moments of her life. I am reminded of how he stalked her, like he has stalked others, I can see a very charming man who is very dark inside. Serial. The number 3. I feel there are more, but this is either his first or one of his first. He may have only admitted to a little, he is hiding more. He is still dangerous. He could not contain his anger; this is being reaffirmed. The more she struggled, the more it pissed him off. I see a man with no remorse. A man with the devil inside him. I see him again, turning and looking at me... hair falling in his face and looking through his glasses. It is physically giving me the chills. There are two sides to this man. He can get people to trust him, but he was sneaky this time to be sure they would be alone. She did not willingly let him inside. I see him sliding in through a glass door. He is wearing black as he normally does, and I see him wearing leather gloves very clearly. I see rope wrapped around his hand. He liked to surprise women, this is when they were most vulnerable. He enjoyed playing off their vulnerability.  With her strong struggle and fight, I see she did get skin under her fingernails. I feel there is DNA somewhere, and I feel like if pressed he may crack about this murder. The way he did it, he is proud of himself. He enjoys what he does, and never thought he would get caught, I feel he wants credit now. He is a cold-hearted relentless predator, Beverly had a hand with him getting caught last time. I do not see him behind bars now, yet I do see him being behind them at one point. I picked up cars, or a car, last time ... I’m not sure why. I see him being questioned about her, and I see there is involvement with a car – he may have worked on his car... car trouble. He fancied her, it was an obsession with her. He wanted her sexually. This murder was violent, overkill, because this Predator, this serial killer, didn’t know how to control himself at that time. He was obsessed, and he was pissed off. Plain evil.

     I feel this man will be caught eventually for this. It is like she is trying to get him caught, put away to prevent others from hurting. She is trying to get him caught from the other side. She wants to save other women, he will not change, I am being told there are many. They have killed many more than they are aware of, and he will continue because he cannot stop. He cannot control himself. He started killing much younger than this with animals. He has a hatred toward women. Demons drive him. I am being shown what I think to be the British flag. He changes his name so often; it would be very hard to tell what name he is going by. In my reading before, I mentioned Tom and Chris... I feel these names are important to him. I am unsure if he has used these names, but I see them coming in and that he changes his name so much. I am now being shown the name Jordan. It may be someone close to him. I feel he can be caught. This may sound stupid, I do not know much about your Podcast, but I feel if this story is told – talk about these visions, talk about him. Someone will hear it and it will ring a bell, he will come forward into the light. He thinks he is untouchable; he will want to talk to you Shane. To you specifically. He will want to boaster. Other countries will hear you. This will ring more bells; this crime will sound familiar. People will hear it, will share it, it will reach him. Millions will hear it. I can see hats, looks to be tilted to the side. Long Coats. Black Boots. He liked to wear dark clothing, black. Just like his soul."


Our #1 Suspect

Harry Joseph Madol

     When the medium told me her visions, I had absolutely no idea who she could be referring to as the man who murdered Beverly. At that time, I had only known of the boys who were in Beverly's life that the community felt were suspects - which as you can tell did not sound like the man in these visions. None-the-less, I decided to go ahead and send the reading to Carol. What could it hurt? 

     To my surprise, Carol reached out to me and explained how she was blown away at the accuracy this medium displayed - and that he pointed directly at one of her top suspects: Harry Joseph Madol. 

     Harry Madol was a violent person by age two, and was accused of breaking and entering at age 9. By 17 he was in and out of 17 behavioral institutions and schools. He attacked three women at knife point raped his step mother, and threatened to kill his two half-siblings - all by age 17. 

     When Madol's mom divorced her husband in 1964, Harry moved back to Garfield Heights, Ohio. Three months after his return, Beverly Jarosz was murdered. 

     Not long after Beverly's murder, Madol was caught hiding in a Closet after he stabbed a pregnant woman. Police noted that Madol had scars on his face and arms, so Immediately contacted the detective working Beverly's murder case. 

     Harry Madol has no alibi during the time of Beverly's Murder. Both Alibi's given to detectives turned out to be false.

     Aren't convinced of Madol's possible involvement? We spoke to someone we consider an expert in Beverly's case, and she discussed in detail with us Madol's life - and facts that could link him to Beverly's murder. I must insist on you hearing Diane's own words, after all - she is the one who has spent years researching this case. 

Have a story to share about your experience with Madol? Contact me at

Harry - if you read this, I too invite you to contact me to let me know what you were doing between the hours of Noon and 5pm on December 28th, 1964. 


Most Recent Photo of Harry Madol

Most Recent Photo Found of Harry Madol

Most Recent Photo Found of Harry Madol

Beverly's Poetry Book

     Carol and Myself are very happy to announce that together we will be publishing the beautiful poetry of Beverly's. This poetry book will include all of Beverly's known poems, will feature full color photos, a note from Carol to her sister, and an ending written by myself. All proceeds from this Poetry Book will go toward starting a scholarship fund for the students at Trinity High School, formerly Mary Mount High School - of which Beverly attended at the time of her death. 

     We will be starting a KickStarter soon to help fund the publishing of the book, which will be titled Unfulfilled. To receive updates on the book, simply sign-up for our newsletter below. You can also email myself to be added to the e-mail list for updates. Or you can of course download our App in the App Store or Google Play, as we will push notification updates through each milestone of the process. 

The front and back cover of the Full Color Poetry Book

The front and back cover of the Full Color Poetry Book

Beverly's Poetry Book

Beverly's Poetry Book

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{Archived} Unsolved Murder of Nevaeh Buchanan

The Unsolved Murder of Nevaeh Buchanan

On May 24th, 2009, five year old Nevaeh Buchanan was playing outside her apartment complex in Monroe, Michigan, when she was abducted. Massive searches were put together - all coming up empty handed. Finally, 11 days after her abduction - her tiny body was found in a shallow grave - covered by cement. 

I am Shane Waters, the host and producer of American CrimeCast - a True Crime Documentary Podcast that works with the family of victims to tell their story. With our efforts, we strive to make each listener realize this a real person - who is loved and cared for - and they deserve justice. 

During our Podcast you will hear an exclusive interview with a cousin of Nevaeh's - who has took the lead in fighting for justice in her horrific murder. We discuss the events that lead up to the abduction, details about the Autopsy and Toxicology Reports, as well as a live walk-thru of the very place her tiny body was buried alive in. 

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The Shallow Grave

The TimeLIne 

May 24th, 2009. Monroe, Michigan. 

Nevaeh was abducted on Memorial Day Weekend, that day she started at a friends house - which was in another apartment in the complex she lived in with her mother. Her mom, mom's friend, and mom's friend's young daughter picked Nevaeh up at this apartment so they could walk to K-Mart using a path in the woods. 

Some say Nevaeh never returned from K-Mart, while others say they don't recall seeing her mom return from the trip either. Mom's friend's little girl that accompanied them on the trip - is quoted as saying "The Monster Took Nevaeh". 

To listen to a full explanation of the mom's memory of what happened, and the other neighbor's differing timeline - take a listen to Nevaeh's Podcast episode. 

Want to help?

Nevaeh's cousin, Risa Smith, started a Not-for-profit company to help find justice for Nevaeh - as well as help other young children in Nevaeh's community. Please, if you would like to help - consider donating money to this organization. They arrange events, where kids can have a good time playing games and creating crafts, and eat a warm meal. Justice for Nevaeh also offers scholarships in Nevaeh's name. To help make a difference in her community, you can donate any amount using this donate button below.


Have questions or Comments?

Use the fully-functional comment section below to post questions or to provide feedback. We would also greatly appreciate it if you could share this, to help Nevaeh's story reach more people. 

Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Remember: Be Kind, and may Harmony Find You.

{Archived} Part 1: Cold Murder Case of Beverly Jarosz

On December 28th, 1964, sixteen year old high school junior Beverly Jarosz was slain in her home in Garfield Heights, Ohio.  Almost 52 years later we sat down with her family. This is her story.

Beverly's sister Carol, who in 1964 when Beverly was murdered Carol was twelve, Carol's husband Paul, as well as Beverly's mother, who is now in her mid-nineties, all agreed to sit with us to tell Beverly's story.

Where to Listen? 

Click the following link to be directed to find out where to listen to our show on Beverly. We recommend downloading our free Full-Featured App in the App Store and Google Play. No Smartphone? Click the LISTEN button to listen to the audio on this site!

Family Background

We were very close to our maternal grandparents, regularly had Sunday dinners with them and often during the week after my mom went back to work. We were also very close to my great grandmother who lived upstairs of my grandmothers house. We would take yearly family vacations in the summertime with them. I can remember going to Niagara Falls, Washington D.C., New York City and Montreal with them. My grandparents were the only ones to have a key to our house. They only lived less then a mile away.
— Carol, Beverly's Sister

Who is Beverly Jarosz?

One of my first memories of Beverly was when we were probably 7 and 11. Beverly would make up stories to tell me before I fell asleep. I often think this was her precursor to her love of writing. She was always known to write her friends witty little poems. She made stories and plays up. Also, when we were little, we made a childish pack. Never to get married, but we were going to buy a trailer and live together because it would be so cozy.

Beverly did go through a gawky pre adolescent phase. She had braces and wore glasses. I’m not sure where the transformation to the beautiful girl she became transpired, but I’m thinking it was close to the end of eighth grade. I think this is when her former elementary school classmates would come to the house to be around her. There was a particular boy from the carwash who started coming to our house and his name was Danny Shoulte. Beverly was not allowed to date, but Danny and the boys certainly did come to the house.

Beverly wasn’t very athletic. She didn’t know how to swim, nor did she go to the neighborhood pool. She was more of a literary type. She read incessantly. She always was writing stories. She loved to listen to the Camelot album starring Robert Goulet, who was on Broadway at the time. Once, she and her best friend Margie went to The Silver Grille at Higbee’s in downtown Cleveland. Robert Goulet was singing there. He came to their table and sang to them.

My dad did buy her golf clubs and did take her golfing a few times because he always wanted to make one of us into a great woman golfer. That never happened.

My grandparents joined a Supper’s Club in downtown Cleveland and would take Beverly to dinner with them.

She and Roger, the boyfriend she really ended up liking when she was sixteen, would go to the music carnival together, and he took her to the art museum.
— Carol, Beverly's Sister

Beverly's Last Day

The Murder Timeline

December 28th, 1964, Garfield Heights, Ohio, that Monday after Christmas Beverly Jarosz, a sixteen year old high school junior, and her sister Carol, who was 12, were off school for Christmas Break.  On this morning, the two had breakfast with their parents, Ted and Eleanor, before seeing them off to work. 

10:00 a.m., Carol and Beverly leave their house and head towards Grandma's.  The route they took is through Tourneytown Shopping Center. They stopped at F.W. Woolworth Co. for a hairnet for Grandma, as well as Hough Bakery for a loaf of bread.

11:00 a.m., they have arrived at grandma's house. Beverly calls Barbara (her good friend) and they discuss their plans for the day. 

11:30 a.m., Beverly calls Margie, her best friend, and explains that her and Barbara would be over between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m.

12:15 p.m., The neighbor boy to grandma's house arrives home after an interview he had in town. As he approaches his house his mother asks him to take Beverly home.  

12:30 p.m., Beverly arrives home and receives a call from a jewelry explaining that her great grandma's necklace was not worth fixing.  

1:00 p.m., Beverly calls her mother and relays the message from the Jeweler. 

Soon after Beverly calls Barbara Kralik (a different Barbara) and they talk on the phone until 1:15 p.m..

Around this time Beverly receives an unknown phone call. She took a note saying "Stephen Stackowitz called, Will call back later."  This named turned out to be a fake.

1:20 p.m., Grandma calls Beverly. Beverly explains that Barbara (her close friend) was at the door and she needed to go. 

1:25 p.m., Barbara arrives at Beverly's house. Her mother dropped her off. Barbara proceeded to the side door, rang the doorbell ten times. She noticed the door was open however the storm door was locked.  She then proceeded to the front door, leafed through a magazine for a few minutes. She said she noticed what sounded like furniture being moved from the upstairs bedroom. Thinking she was being stood up or teased Barbara leaves and heads home.  

2:00 p.m. Barbara calls Beverly. . . no answer. . .

2:45 p.m. Margie calls Barbara asking where the two girls were.  

3:45 p.m., Margie calls Grandma asking about Beverly.

4:00 p.m., Carol tries calling home. . . no answer. . . Grandma then calls Mr. Jarosz at work and explains they are unable to get ahold of Beverly.

4:10 p.m., Mr. Jarosz arrives home. As he pulls into the driveway he is able to hear a radio playing very loudly from the inside. 

     he hurries inside. . .

    goes upstairs. . . 

    and into the girls' bedroom.

4:15 p.m., Carol calls the house. Mr. Jarosz answers the phone, screaming, "Murder! Murder! Murder!"

Beverly was strangled with a rope. Stabbed 42 times. Her clothing was yanked away from her torso. Yet, she was not sexually assaulted. Her murder will be ruled a strangulation as her cause of death, but it is said that her knife wounds would have been plenty enough to kill her. 

Thoughts on Life

By: Beverly Jarosz

From out of the depths of my soul

There arises a certain fear

What if I should die within the next year

Life for me has just begun

All my dreams would be unfulfilled

All my work left undone

All my goals unreached

My life would of been in vain


Poems by Beverly

Visit Poetry Book Site of Beverly's:

Written Below

Written Below

July 17, 1964
What is this thing called time?
Time is measured eternity,
It is that which is counted between
      the meetings of foolish lovers.
Time is a wilted flower
       or a dead bird.
It is a graying half-moon...
        in a midnight sky.
Time is death itself.

(Beverly Jarosz)


I am as a grain of sand
on the hot desert.
I am as a drop of water
in the salty ocean.
I am as an ant
beside an elephant.
I am only one person
in the universe.
Alone, I am insignificant.

(Beverly Jarosz)

Variations of the Sea

When love is gone,
The sea of life is tranquil.
The waves no longer rise
With their vivid crescendo.
The skies are gray
And life is dull;
Darkness flings its loneliness
Upon the cool sands,
While the gulls cast their shadows
On a desolate earth.
Will this dreary existence never subside?
Life without my captain seems interminable
Someday, someday soon,
Another ship shall harbour
And love will come to stay.

(Beverly Jarosz - August 1963)

Ode on a Teenager

The Teenager walks in a crazy style,
The teenager talks in a crazy dial,
The teenager's jive is rarely understood,
And his native English is hardly ever good.
The teenager dresses in a crazy mode,
One that will soon grow old.
The Teenager is first to fall for fads
Whether a girl or one of the lads.
The teenage girl's hair is out of this world;
It looks as though it's never been curled.
The teenagers buy a record a week
And it's seldom knowledge that they seek.
Teenagers live in a world of their own;
Their lives wholly revolve about the phone. 
(In spite of all of this)
The teenager will soon be over this stage
And then awaken to a more mature age.

(Beverly Jarosz, 7th Grade)

Social Media

After my interview with Beverly's family - and discussing the hurt they feel with some of the posts on Social Media - I decided to read through some of them for myself. Since the day after Beverly's tragic murder, people grew fascinated by the case. Hearing about the strongly held opinions and theories, and how they were forcibly pushed onto the family and friends of Beverly's - It is clear to me that Beverly has not been the only victim. 

Barb was very good friends with Beverly, I cannot fathom the difficulty she must have faced, knowing she was outside the very house while her friend was being strangled and stabbed 42 times. Had she arrived five minutes earlier, or had one of the doors been unlocked, she undoubtedly would have found a similar fate as Beverly. Yet Barbara was teased, accused, and questioned everyday. After almost 52 years it has not stopped. To this day Barb continually feels the burden these people have placed on her shoulders. 

Margie, Beverly's best friend, wrote to us - here is what she had to say.

Beverly and I first knew each other at St Therese grade school. In fact, our families usually met at the same area at Sunday Mass. We became especially close friends during our Junior year at Marymount High School. We were together often and I spent many an early evening with Beverly and her family. Their home had an atmosphere of love and security which I felt extended to me, as well.
NEVER did I sense anything otherwise. I also knew Mr and Mrs Vanik (Beverly’s Grandmother and Grandfather) and knew them as kind and gentle people.

On December 28, 1964, Beverly and Barb Klonowski were to visit my home early that afternoon. I did not know Barb as well as Beverly, and we agreed that they would meet at Bev’s and then walk together to my house. The plans were set and Bev and I talked about them just a couple hours before they were due to arrive.

Both girls were very responsible and we were definitely planning our annual visit over the Christmas Holiday. Beverly would always call if she were running late. I swear that under NO circumstance would she ever have mislead me.

Barb has suffered enough for the cruel remarks, and losing her good friend I remember her as very gifted and musically talented. The Vile unsubstantiated statements, that have been posted on the Internet are slanderous and libelous.

To this day this experience has deeply affected me and is heartbreaking to and my entire family. My last time with Beverly was on December 24th when she and her family joined ours for a Christmas party at our house. My parents always thought of Beverly as one of “their girls”.
— Margie

Examples of Posts on Social Media

Closing Message

In regards to these groups, and any other groups on social media that is created about Unsolved Cases - I would like to speak directly to you. Although you and I have never met in person, I hope you will read this as someone who genuinely cares and hopes for the best in your life. We may have never sat down to discuss Beverly's case together, yet I hope you will be able to take something away from reading this. As someone who has sat down in the living room of Beverly's sister's home, and sat on a couch next to Beverly's mid-90 year old mother - Speaking for hours about the case. I would like to share with you a thought that I hope you will take to heart.

More than half a century has passed since Beverly was murdered  - yet the pain, heartache, and hurt was still something that could be felt on each person who loved Beverly. The long drive home after our discussion and interview, was one of the longest we have ever had. Because of the pain we felt was something indescribable - in fact it is still lingering with us to this day.

There is a really possibility Beverly's murder may never be solved, or that the murderer will never face justice for their actions. None of us may be able to change that possibility. Yet, we do have the ability to do something arguably greater - we can keep Beverly's memory alive. In another half century, you and I may not be here; yet what we place on social media and forums with Beverly's name will remain. It breaks my heart to imagine anyone's grandson or great grandson would have to read anything negative about someone they love.

So I kindly ask, from one kind loving person to another, please remember that what we write on social media - it is about real people. With real families. And real families. We all would love to see justice for Beverly, but please be mindful about what is said about others. Ask yourself, in 50 years could someone read my post and think it factual? I hope each of you will devote a small time to remember this young lady the world lost, but will not forget. 

Remember: Be Kind. And may Harmony Find You.  

Comments Section

Below we welcome you to join us in a discussion about Beverly and her case. Simply write out what you would like to say, and post it. If you would like to respond to someone else's post - go to their comment and click the respond arrow (It points to the left). 

Please keep your comments, questions, and theories professional. 

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{Archived} American CrimeCast - A True Crime Documentary Podcast

I have never met someone who doesn't love to watch tv shows that deal with murder - and I am not sure I would want to! Our need to thrill ourselves by trying to solve the crime only proves each of us wants to be a detective. I am sure I can speak for most when I say the time I can devote to sitting down to watch one of these TV shows is far and in-between. It seems like each week my schedule gets tighter, and I just can't seem to find the time to fit one of these shows in. Well, now there is American CrimeCast. A show for the person who is on the go, but would still like to get their True Crime fix. More than just a True Crime show, we are actually helping people. Two birds, one stone.

What is American CrimeCast?

American CrimeCast is a True Crime Documentary Podcast, offering a platform for the family and friends who are seeking help with their loved one's Cold Murder or Cold Missing Person case. More than just an explanation of the facts behind the crime, we also set a strong focus on telling the story of who their loved one is. Too often we see the crime being told in a way that dehumanizes the victim; we are wanting to change that. At the foundation of each case we work on, you will find us describing the victim as a person. After all, these people are fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters - and they deserve to be treated as such. 

Along with each Podcast episode, you will find a matching Case Log on our website. The Case Log is a blog devoted to telling more about the victim, as well as give more details about the crime. This blog is also set up to allow comments, so if our readers and listeners have questions about the case - they can simply leave their questions here. This is also where you will be able to find update on the cases we work, as well as discover all the photos we have on the case. 

The podcast features a documentary style version of who the victim is, and most of this information is sourced straight from the people who loved them. Our listeners will hear interviews we have with the family, and will hear the plea the family has for wanting someone to come forward with information. From working closely with the family, you will also hear details about how these cases effect the family members - as well as their perspective on the circumstances behind it. 

The Host is a Stand-Up Comedian? 

A common question I receive from people who find out about the work we are doing, is why the Host and Producer is a Stand-Up Comedian. Often we are asked how a stand-up comedian could make cold cases humorous, the answer is we do not. For myself, Shane L. Waters, being a Stand-Up Comedian has allowed me to be a great story teller - and that is one of the qualities I bring to the team. I know first hand the suffering we each have in our everyday lives, yet I have found when you are laughing you experience unrestricted happiness - and I strive for these moments. I always remind people to not let titles fool you, as behind being a Stand-Up Comedian, you will find I am much more. 

While attending college around 2011, I was an Intern with a crime lab for one of America's largest cities. As my college major was Forensic Science, this internship offered great experience and brought me to the scene of many murders. With each murder scene I witnessed, I found it increasingly difficult to keep an unattached mindset - which was important in the field of Forensic Science. One of the cases that has stuck with me through the years, was one at a small cozy house in the city. An elderly lady had been killed through an act of kindness, seemingly while allowing someone in to use the phone. After she lead them into her kitchen, where her phone was hung on the wall, the suspect took the phone and beat the lady's face until she was dead. 

You can not put a value on someone's life, yet the thought of someone being killed for no more than $40 seems even more unfathomable. The grandchildren to the victim told us their grandmother never carried more than $40 in cash, and money was all that was taken from the home. I will never forget the tears of these grandchildren, and to this day can not begin to imagine the pain they felt. A simple tip could bring the killer to justice, the news coverage had reported. Something that really got to me was how the crime was the only story being told - not much care was put into telling the community about who the victim was. She was a person. She was loved. There were 65 years of living that happened prior to her opening the door for a stranger to asking to use her phone - yet somehow that story was missed. 

My heart aches for the family and friends who lose someone they love in a violent crime that has gone unsolved. I started this journey with American CrimeCast to help these families tell their stories - in hopes our kindness will help make a difference. 

Where can I listen? 

Easily the most common question we are asked is "What is a Podcast?" The best answer we can come up with is to think of it like a radio show - that you can listen to when it is convenient for you. Driving to work, at the gym, cleaning the house, or while working are all perfect times to tune in to our show. What makes a Podcast so enjoyable is that you can download and listen to each episode on your own time. You can listen from our website, on iTunes, and smart phones have several options to tune in. 

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{Archived} Cold Murder Case of Garth Rector

During the late hours on a chilly March evening, Garth Rector was found viciously murdered in the house he was renting at 204 E CR 500 S in Muncie, Indiana. When police arrived, they discovered Garth had been shot five times with a small caliber gun shortly after arriving home from work. With no arrests made, Garth's murder case has gone unsolved for eight years. 

Garth's Sister reached out to us at American CrimeCast asking for our help.

Hello Sir, My name is Angie Rector Mock, my brother Garth Rector was murdered.. and his murder is still unsolved. It would be amazing if you could include his case in your cold case reports..
— Angie Rector Mock, Garth's Sister

Who was Garth Rector?

Garth Gene Rector was born in Muncie, Indiana on February 9th 1960. While attending school, he kept a strong focus on wrestling. Having an athletic physique and driving a 1968 Chevy Camaro, Garth stayed very popular with girls. He graduated from Muncie Southside High School in 1978. 

With his sister playing match maker, Garth went on his first date with Angie Beerbower Rector. Not long after, the two married and together had a daughter: April. During their 27 years of marriage, Garth and Angie would often pray together with April before bed, sometimes including a song or two in the routine. Garth also coached April's softball team.

Garth had a true passion for wrestling. With his desire to succeed, he was the assistant wrestling coach for Delta High School, followed by Yorktown High School, and finally Muncie Central High School. Garth even personally coached three of his nephews in AAU wrestling in his spare time. Garth became a true mentor and role model to all the kids he worked with. He also was highly involved with his church, Union Chapel in Muncie. He touched the lives of many in his community. 

For more than 25 years, Garth worked for Ball State University in the shipping and receiving side of Dinning Services.

The Murder

The house Garth rented at 204 E CR 500 S in Muncie, Indiana

The house Garth rented at 204 E CR 500 S in Muncie, Indiana

On March 21st, 2008, Good Friday, Garth planned to finish packing for a trip to California for his sister's retirement from the Marines. His plan was to get home after work that early afternoon, pack, and meet his daughter April at the Indianapolis Airport in the very early morning; but his plans quickly changed. Garth stayed at work a couple hours later than he planned, not leaving campus until around 2:30 pm. On his way home, he stopped at a Marsh Supermarket in Muncie to purchase snacks for his trip. 

Garth arrived at his house between the hours of 5 and 6pm, parking his car in the front and not in his normal place behind the house. 

It is believed that Garth was surprised by someone in his kitchen. Wether it be he surprised an intruder, or someone was there lying in wait, garth was found wearing the same clothes he worked in - he even still had his jacket on. Garth was shot five times, with a small caliber gun, by someone who started the first shot at a distance and slowly moved closer to him. The shots landed in his back, right shoulder, right forearm, and twice in the neck. 

The woman Garth rented the house from discovered Garth's body at 9:45pm. During his break with his wife, Garth had been seeing her. She had left work early as she said she had gotten worried when Garth hadn't returned her messages. When she arrived, she stated all the lights were off in the house, and garth's vehicle was parked in front of the house. As she entered the home, she noticed the Marsh grocery bag lying on the counter next to Garth's keys. As she walked further into the room, she saw the horrific scene of Garth's body lying in a pool of blood.

When police arrived, they noticed a broken window in the backside door leading into the garage. Police consider this to be the method the shooter used to enter the house, as it is plausible for someone to unlock the door with the window broken. 

Neighbors reported a black vehicle driving down the road at a high rate of speed that afternoon. Additionally, at the time a school bus had passed the property, it was reported that a light colored vehicle was coming out of the driveway.

Robbery seems unlikely, as Garth had about $300 in cash still in his pocket that he planned to use on the trip to California. Also lying on the kitchen counter was an envelope containing $1,200, which garth had collected for a basketball pool. 

Garth's Murder seems to be a crime of passion. By all accounts, women liked Garth - and Garth liked women. While on his break with his wife, Garth had been with a couple women - some consider it plausible for a boyfriend or husband of one of these women to be someone who could have a reason to murder Garth so viciously. 

Photo Garth messaged to his Family the day before his Murder

Photo Garth messaged to his Family the day before his Murder

Family's Plea 

Garth's Family want answers. Why someone would murder someone they love so heartlessly, and they ask for your help to bring justice to this case. 

Shortly after the murder of her son, Garth's mother suffered from a stroke. Eight years later, his mother now suffers from vascular dementia and there are some days she doesn't remember that Garth was murdered.

Somedays mom will ask about Garth, and she will mention that she hasn’t heard from him in a while. To save her from the repeated heartache, I just tell her ‘Mom, Garth called you just the other day,’ and mom will go with it and will just move the conversation to something else.

Who to Contact?

Anonymous Tips can be called into Muncie Crime Stoppers at 765-286-4050. If you have information please contact the Delaware County Sheriff Department at 765-747-7881. 

There is a $10,000 reward for the tip leading to justice in Garth's case. 

Garth Walk 

After the horrible feelings the family had to suffer losing a loved one to murder, they have started the "Garth Walk" in Muncie. Annually, people in the community meet to walk in memory to those lost to violent crimes. This year's Garth Walk will take place on August 13th at 2pm across from Muncie City Hall at Policeman's Park. American CrimeCast will be present this year for the walk. If you are familiar with the feeling of grief, we invite you to join us - walk in memory of the grief we all share.. while we remember Garth and other victims lost to violent crimes. 

Contact us to find out more information about Garth Walk. If you are interested in being a Sponsor for Garth Walk in Muncie, Indiana - Contact us and we will put you into contact with the coordinators for the walk. 

What I do is not important. It’s not big, its not massive, buts its all i know to do. I have to keep fighting for Garth, because I am his voice.
— Angie Rector Mock, Garth's Sister

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