A Book of Poetry by Beverly Jarosz: Unfulfilled

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By Beverly Jarosz, Shane L Waters


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The Notorious Murder


If you speak to someone who lived in the Cleveland, Ohio area in 1964, they likely will remember Beverly's Murder in Garfield Heights. Beverly was described as a beautiful, loving, intelligent, and kind 16 year-old Catholic girl. She attended the girl-only Catholic school of Marymount High School, and by all accounts - she had no enemies. Her loving family were close, and to this day just hearing them talk about her will remind you of their strong unconditional love for each other. 

December 28th, 1964 started out as any other Christmas-Break for this 16 year old Junior, and her 12 year old sister Carol. When Beverly returned home to start getting ready to meet with two of her best friends, an unknown person entered the home. Beverly was upstairs in the bedroom she shared with Carol, when this person strangled her with a rope - and stabbed her 42 times. 

Still, to this day - Beverly's Murder remains Unsolved.

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The Story.

Beverly Jarosz was a victim of one of the most horrific murders of the Cleveland, Ohio area. On December 28th, 1964, this sixteen year old high school junior was slain in her home in Garfield Heights, Ohio. Fifty-two years later, American CrimeCast - a True Crime Documentary Podcast, worked with Beverly's sister Carol Jarosz Bartos to tell her story. With this book we are proud to present the poetry of this beautiful, loved, and talented young 16 year old girl. May her life go on to live forever within her own words. 

Beverly's Dream.


It wasn't a secret that Beverly enjoyed writing poems and short stories. Her younger sister Carol recalls Beverly making up bedtime stories for those nights when Carol couldn't quite fall asleep. As a Christmas present in 1964, Beverly's father gifted her an empty book for her to write her beautiful poetry in. She mentioned to him how one day she would like this poetry book published, it was one dream of Beverly's that her 90 year old mother Eleanor still remembers to this day. Unfortunately, three days after receiving this Christmas present - Beverly lost her life at the hands of an unknown killer.

 Using her typewriter, Beverly writes this poem describing her fear of a premature death. Specifically, she writes how "All my dreams would be unfulfilled...", and she expresses that her life " would have been in vain." 

Fulfilling Beverly's Dream

On that day in 1964, the unknown killer went into Beverly's home with the intention of never again allowing her to speak. When he left after the murder, I suspect he stole Beverly's diary - in hopes of ensuring nothing would be left behind, forever muffling this beautiful 16 year old. Little did he know, Beverly's poetry book survived. Now, 52 years after her brutal murder, we are fulfilling Beverly's dream. 

Together, we will give Beverly's voice back. 

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